Primary Research


Our Primary Research department offers a suite of services to support clients in research endeavors, specializing in both qualitative and quantitative research to uncover deep insights and provide data-driven evidence. We excel in monitoring and evaluation to assess project impacts, alongside market research for identifying implementation gaps. Additionally, we provide secondary data sourcing and analysis for background validation and remain adaptable to offer tailored research support across diverse social challenges.

Primary Research Methodologies

  • Qualitative Research: By formulating hypotheses, we delve into the ‘why’behind real-world problems, offering our clients deep insights.
  • Market Research: To identify gaps and assess the feasibility of implementation plans and efforts
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E): To understand and assess the impact and effectiveness of projects
  • Secondary Data Sourcing and Analysis: To grasp essential background and confirm temporal changes for a specific subject.
  • Quantitative Research: To validate hypotheses and offer data on critical social issues.
  • Research Project Support: We recognize that not all projects fit into the above categories, so we offer flexible research support for addressing social challenges.


  • D.Lounge: It promotes remote and online qualitative data collection over face- to-face methods. It utilizes social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and professional tools such as Recollective, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams for data collection. Compatible with multiple devices like mobile phones, desktop computers, tablets, and laptops, D-Lounge emphasizes qualitative key informant interviews and focus group discussions as its preferred methods. Its innovative approach offers flexibility and efficiency in qualitative data gathering processes.
  • D.Panel: