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Unparalleled insights and intelligence for decision makers addressing the world's most pressing issues.

We cover a wide range of topic areas listed here. Below we highlight some of our most recent work.

  • Framework building

  • Issues Analysis

  • Market Analysis

  • Market Surveillance

  • Survey and Data Analysis

  • Access to Finance

  • Agriculture

  • BOP

  • Conflict

  • Consumer goods

  • Corporate

  • Education

  • Energy and Environment

  • Finance

Agriculture & Food Security

We focus mostly on small holder farming in Africa, looking at the landscape of initiatives and studying particular questions:

To keep our stakeholders up to speed (e.g. food loss and waste quarterly publication covering policies, programmes, investments and innovations), and

To help our stakeholders make decisions around how to help move the dial on issues such as access to finance for small holder farmers (e.g. development of database of existing financial solutions tailored to small holder farmers for the rural and agricultural learning lab), as well as

To help our partners take a holistic / context-appropriate approach (e.g. study of the role of multi-stakeholder collaboration in addressing the particular challenge of resilience of smallholder farmers in Africa in the context of ever increasing variability in weather conditions year on year).

Case Study: Quarterly Scan on Food Waste and Spoilage in Africa | Rockefeller Foundation

Case Study: Role of multi-stakeholder initiatives in building resilience of smallholder farmers in Africa | MasterCard Foundation

Case Study: Smallholder Farmer Access to Finance Database | MasterCard Foundation


We focus mostly on job creation potential in developing countries, looking at national level job growth, sector specific opportunities and particular groups such as youth:

To help our partners develop the right partnerships and interventions (e.g. we developed an economic model to project job creation by sector in sever African countries through 2020, and we identified opportunities for the poor in this context).

To help our partners to break down the complexities of this issue (challenges and solutions), and to break down silo-thinking. (E.g., We launched a beta knowledge hub and are looking for partners to develop phase 2 to add additional resources, stats and and interactivity.)

Case Study: Pilot site: www.youthunemployment.com

Case Study: Jobs for Development Country sector assessments and projection of job creation by sector to 2020. | GIZ

Design & Development

Fernando Gamba - gamba.fernando@gmail.com