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Thought Leadership

African solar lighting market analysis.

Through the Lighting Africa Report (2010) conducted with the IFC Lighting Africa Program, Dalberg delivered a comprehensive report on the state of the off-grid solar lighting market across Africa; including early successes, emerging technologies, market obstacles, and projected growth. The final report was present at the annual Lighting Africa conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

Conducted first comprehensive analysis of Impact Investing in West Africa.

The Impact Investing in West Africa (2011) report was the first comprehensive analysis ever conducted on the impact investing industry in West Africa. The report maps the landscape of impact investing supply and demand in West Africa; identifies the substantive challenges that hamper the growth of the industry; recommends solutions for overcoming them; and serves as a starting point for regional dialogue and local network development activities among impact investors. It was conducted in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation.

Conducted study to identify partnership opportunities for a Fortune 10 corporation.

Dalberg used a rigorous analytical process to select the most relevant international organizations by issue and mission. The Dalberg team analyzed the international landscape, NGO community trends, the structure of local NGOs, and the capacities of the international NGO community in order to provide the corporation with a better understanding of current international challenges and partnership opportunities.

Intelligence reports

Conducted a baseline study of market conditions in Kenya and South Africa.

Dalberg, working with the International Finance Corporation's Climate Change Investment Program in Africa (CIPA), undertook an assessment in Kenya and South Africa with the aim of confirming the business case for IFC interventions to establish a self- sustaining commercial lending market for sustainable energy financing, specifically related to the finance of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. The Dalberg team evaluated the CIPA intervention model by comparing it to similar initiatives globally, sized the market for sustainable energy financing (SEF) that could be provided by commercial banks, evaluated SEF awareness and risk perceptions, and identified barriers currently preventing the development of the SEF market.

Evaluated Opportunities in the SME Value Chain in South Africa.

A foundation of a large private bank hired Dalberg to evaluate opportunities in the SME value chain in South Africa. The project focused on (i) mapping the landscape and lifecycle of SMEs in South Africa; (ii) identifying current interventions for SME's in terms of financing, capacity building and market access;(iii) highlighting the challenges and gaps in the sector; and (iv) developing potential interventions and partnerships for the Foundation. For the initial phase, Dalberg recommended a partnership with two local organizations that provide business incubation and development support services for SMEs in South Africa. Dalberg will be supporting the implementation of the program over the next two years in the areas of: fund structuring and management, partner selection, and monitoring and evaluation on the ground in South Africa.

Landscape Reports

Developed a report detailing climate change's impact on population.

Dalberg developed the ground-breaking 'Human Impact Report: Climate Change - The Anatomy of a Silent Crisis' on behalf of the Global Humanitarian Forum. This is the first ever comprehensive report that examines the human impact of climate change, an area of analysis that has been neglected within the climate change debate, which is heavily focused on physical, long term effects. Through this work, Dalberg collaborated with key global thought-leaders, including Kofi Annan, Nitin Desai, Jan Egeland, Saleemul Huq, Andreas Merkl, Rajendra K. Pachauri, Johan Rockström, Jeffrey Sachs, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Barbara Stocking, Klaus Töpfer, and Margareta Wahlström, among others. Within the limitations of existing research, the report provides the most plausible estimate of the impact of climate change on society today, and fills a void in the general public's understanding of climate change, as well as in the senior policy makers' toolbox.

Conducted complex analysis on the effectiveness of aid organizations.

The Report of the Task Force on Capacity for the Program Delivery(2006) was the outcome of research done by the Task Force on Capacity for Program Delivery constituted under the leadership of Dalberg. Its main purpose was to examine the efficacy and effectiveness with which large and complicated aid and development programs are "delivering" services to end beneficiaries. The report identified the key drivers of poor performance and then recommended potential solutions.

Issue Briefs

Mapped the challenges facing financial institutions providing SME finance.

The SME Banking Knowledge Guide(2009) created in conjunction with IFC Advisory Services, included background on supply, demand and shortage of financing to SMEs in the developing world. The Guide explored challenges to financial institutions providing SME finance and best practices to overcome those obstacles.

Developed guide to assess best practices of public- private partnerships worldwide.

In response to the demand for guidance on the topic of emerging partnerships between NGOs and business to tackle development challenges, Dalberg produced the first ever market-based guide to NGOs and UN agencies, in conjunction with the Financial Times and the UN Global Compact. The "Business Guide to Partnering with NGOs and the UN" is based on a survey that was sentto over 20,000 companies worldwide, and profiles the leading NGOs and UN agencies – both global and local - that have demonstrated competency in areas such as advocacy, awareness-raising, health and the environment.

Design & Development

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