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Unparalleled insights and intelligence for decision makers addressing the world's most pressing issues.

We offer end-to-end knowledge and research services for decision making and influence, to uncover the insights you need and to build the impact and engagement you are seeking to drive.

We deliver tailored products to address your precise needs and can focus on just some elements or deliver end-to-end services of the knowledge value chain for a given project from intelligence and data gathering, complex analytics, and synthesis, to writing, publication and communications.

We are independent, objective and fact-based in all we do.

Our core capabilities include:

  • Global coverage in expert networks and survey capabilities (online, mobile and household),
  • Local data gathering capabilities through in-country scanning and research teams,
  • Data collection and techniques for data poor environments,
  • Complex analytics tool-kit drawing on combined multidisciplinary skills of our team,
  • Communications and editorial quality delivered through a range of channels.

Intelligence Reports

Intelligence reports are scans of the most recent policy changes, major investments, government or civil society activity and innovation around a particular sector or issue. These are produced at regular intervals around a given topic.

Intelligence reports allow decision makers to be agile, to drive better on-going decisions rather than waiting for annual reviews, to make better connections across their own portfolio of activities as well as with other key actors.

Case Study: Quarterly Scan on Food Waste and Spoilage in Africa | Rockefeller Foundation

Surveys & Perception Studies

Surveys and perception studies are exactly as they sound. We have global coverage and specialize in emerging economies and gathering data through a range of traditional and emerging survey techniques.

Insight on perception is just as vital as other kinds of facts. Perceptions are powerful and not only shape the future, but also provide an important gauge for stakeholders to understand their context.

Case Study: Global Perception Survey | Future of the UN Development System (FUNDS).

Issue Briefs

Issue briefs are typically rapid response research to allow our clients and partners to get up-to-speed on a topic or debate quickly without having to conduct time intensive searching for key information and insights themselves.

We can turn around issue briefs quickly or conduct a more in-depth analysis. Typically these address a focused question such as what is the current context /responses to an issue or crisis? What will the jobs landscape for the least advantaged look like by sector in 2020?

Case Study: Current response landscape and international strategies to address the Syrian Refugee Crisis | Rockefeller Foundation

Case Study: Jobs for Development Country sector assessments and projection of job creation by sector to 2020. | GIZ

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership reports are published reports to help organizations engage their customers and other stakeholders around a topic, to shape debates around those topics, to demonstrate what is important to the organization and to provide leading thinking on a particular theme.

Thought leadership serves a broad community and helps sponsor organizations engage meaningfully with that community.

Case Study: Spotlight on Philanthropy: Achieving Transformational Change | JP Morgan Centre for Philanthropy.

Landscape Reports

Landscape reports are published reports setting the stage for broad stakeholder engagement on the leading issues, challenges and solutions around an issue.

These can be scene-setting to facilitate stakeholder dialogue or they can be game changing, challenging the status quo and setting a new direction for progress.

Case Study: Lighting Africa, Catalyzing Markets for Modern Living | IFC

Case Study: Role of multi-stakeholder initiatives in building resilience of smallholder farmers in Africa | MasterCard Foundation

Case Study: Impact Investing in West Africa | Rockefeller Foundation

Knowledge Hubs

Knowledge hubs are online platforms for knowledge sharing. They are typically generated from a combination of data gathering and analysis. They curate existing expertise and create a forum for knowledge sharing.

Case Study: Pilot site: www.youthunemployment.com

Design & Development

Fernando Gamba - gamba.fernando@gmail.com